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Presented at the Carport Theater
on Saturday, May 17, 2014

Voyage to Venus

This is the third play by Laissez-Faire Productions, and it follows in the magical/humorous vein of the previous two—The Jumblies in 2012, and Dream Stories in 2013. This new production transports the audience, along with a few intrepid explorers, to the planet of love and beauty—and to the enchantments and dangers of the female erotic imagination. Decor, costumes, and props are inspired by George Melies's wonderful 1902 movie, A Trip to the Moon, with an added contemporary "steampunk" edge. The show includes elements of sci-fi, vaudeville, and cabaret—so be prepared for a wild ride!

This is a community event, involving mostly talented and enthusiastic amateurs-- although some of our cast members have had professional stage experience.

Cast members in order of appearance:
Julius Gordon - Professor Peobody
Joe Shetler - Marty
Joe Warren - Jules
Guy "Josh" Josserand - Andy
Diane Conrad Warren - The Spirit of Venus
Andy Harsin - Marty

Alice Dmowski - Venusian Mermaid
Tracy Brown - Support Group Leader and Venus Man Trap

Kathy Keler - Caitlin
Rhoda Cummings - Queen of Venus
Grace Gordon and Rebecca Tarantino - Venusians
Carol Reinhart, Deanna Murray and Martha Van Winkle - banner dancers of the Court of the Queen
Alison Torba - Voice of the Volcano

Voyage to Venus co-producers:
Kathy Keler
and Jose Carrillo
Stage Engineer: Jose Carrillo

Stage Manager: Nanette Robinson

photo below: Jose Carrillo with the Venus Explorers Club rocket

photo above: Alice Dmowski and Rebecca Tarantino work on the logo for the Explorers Club.


For information on our previous productions:
- Dream Stories, 5 dream stories enacted by their authors
- "The Jumblies," a short play adapted from the Edward Lear poem
- "Release of the Burden Carriers," 2012 All Souls Procession performance



Saturday, May 3, 2014, 2– 5 pm
Make a Venus Headdress!

Join us for an afternoon of creativity and fun, and wear your gorgeous headgear to the play!

Saturday, March 29, 2-5 pm
"Abducted to Venus" Painting/Collage Workshop

which was held on March 29, will be on display before the start of the show.

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